Muslin Cloths

Make expectant parents happy by giving them wonderful muslin cloths or treat yourself to a must have blanket for new parents. In the Little Unicorn collection, there are beautiful motifs for both girls and boys. Choose high-quality swaddle cloths that are not only gentle on the skin but also provide a sense of security for baby.

What Muslin Cloths for Babies Can Do

What makes muslin cloth an important part of everyday life? They are versatile and ideal for everyday life. By design the fabric has a unique weave, making it lightweight and breathable. It can absorb moisture very well and be a helpful companion in any situation. Even after several washes, the swaddle cloth remains in good condition and gets softer with use. Explore the Little Unicorn range and make your choice!

Sleep Well Thanks to Muslin Cloths

Swaddling helps mom sleep better and baby sleep more naturally. With muslin cloths, you can swaddle the baby in a traditional way, to mimic the womb. This provides a sense of security and can promote peaceful sleep. When wrapping in the muslin cloth, it's important to properly swaddling and leaving the face free of any fabric.

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