Swaddle Singles

Swaddle Singles

Muslin Cloths for Babies

Do you want to give your baby a secure and comforting feeling? Then muslin swaddles made of muslin cotton are a great idea! They resemble the mother's womb, soothe the baby, and help extend sleep time, which proves extremely useful in everyday life. Just make sure you perform the swaddle method correctly, leaving the neck and head free.

What Lies Behind the Swaddle Cloth?

As mentioned earlier, the swaddling method with muslin cloth is promoted as extending sleep – but is it true? Muslin cloths are credited with a calming effect, especially in connection with sounds and movement, successfully calming crying babies. Additionally, muslin cloth is said to help babies achieve a deeper sleep. There is scientific confirmation that premature babies showed better neuromuscular development and stronger muscle tone through the swaddling method of muslin swaddle cloths. It also helped alleviate pain and discomfort.

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