Feeding + Bath

Feeding + Bath

Baby Accessories for Mealtime

Eating together can sometimes be a real challenge, especially when kids want to start doing everything themselves. Feeding products like bibs and muslin cloths can make mealtime fun with less mess!  



An absolute must-have when baby starts eating are soft muslin bibs.  Meal time is messy and can be exhausting for baby. Little Unicorn bibs are soft to wipe baby’s face and adjustable to make sure food stays off their clothes and on the plate!  

Baby Towel

Bathtime can be a wonderful time or a difficult time for your baby. Having a soft and absorbent towel with prints your little ones will love can make all the difference! Whether you are in the bathroom or at the pool, the absorbent french terry cloth and muslin material will keep baby warm after a bath.

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