Muslin Cotton Baby Blankets

The muslin baby blanket is a must have for mom and baby. It is versatile for everyday use with it‘s lightweight and breathable muslin fabric. The cotton baby blanket is not only suitable for covering in the stroller or during nap time but also can be used as a burp cloth, a mat for playtime, or picnics, and as protection on sunny and cool days. Discover the fantastic features of muslin in the blanket collection by Little Unicorn.

Muslin Baby Blankets for Every Day

The stylish muslin baby blankets with great designs for all genders can be used for almost anything in everyday life, regardless of how big your little one is, thanks to the soft and breathable fabric. The special thing? Muslin is primarily made from cotton. It is an openly woven fabric characterized by its light, soft, and airy nature. These features give the baby blankets their soft and durable texture, created by the special binding of the threads. The muslin baby blanket is the most versatile baby blanket for everyday parenting.

The Perfect Cuddle Blanket

Ideal for girls and boys, the baby blanket is breathable, lightweight and absorbent. This makes it a perfect cuddle blanket at home or away. The lightweight fabric gently rests on the skin and can delicately envelop the baby, making them feel secure. This makes the baby blanket ideal for the stroller or car seat. At Little Unicorn, you'll find high-quality muslin baby blankets in a variety of fantastic designs and colors, to help you find the perfect blanket for your family.

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