Baby blankets for boys

Baby blankets for boys

At Little Unicorn you will find a great selection of products for your darling! Among other things, our baby blankets for boys are very popular, which are not only cuddly soft, but also breathable and hard-wearing . They are perfect for cuddling, playing or on the go in the stroller. All baby blankets are available in different designs and colors , so you will surely find the right model.

Playful designs for every taste

Whether you prefer it simple and elegant or colorful and playful, at Little Unicorn you will always find the right baby blanket for boys. From soft pastel shades to cheerful patterns, there's something for everyone in our wide range . Take a look around and get inspired. Of  course, our baby blankets are also perfect as a gift!

High-quality and durable baby blankets for boys

Our Little Unicorn baby blankets for boys are durable and can  be washed without any problems. So our blankets accompany your little treasure for a long time and quickly become an indispensable companion in your everyday life. Discover the wonderful world of baby blankets from Little Unicorn now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What blankets for newborns?

For newborns, lightweight and breathable blankets are  ideal. Muslin cotton blankets or fleece blankets work well because they provide warmth but are not too heavy.

Why no duvet for baby?

Duvets can be dangerous for babies because they increase the risk of suffocation or overheating. It is safer to  use light baby blankets or sleeping bags.

How big should a knitted baby blanket be?

A knitted baby blanket should be about 70 cm x 90 cm in size . This provides enough space to snuggle up and warm without being too bulky.

When can a baby sleep with a blanket?

Babies should only  sleep with a blanket from the age of about one year. Before that, quilted sleeping bags or swaddle bags are safer to minimize the risk of suffocation or overheating.

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