Parenting In 2020

Parenting In 2020

Hurray for 2020! From pandemics to earthquakes, protests to economic calamities, the year has been one to be remembered with great fondness. It’s shaping up to be one of those pivotal times that children and grandchildren learn about in history books. A time that will prompt them to ask…”So, what was it really like to live in 2020?”

Fortunately for Moms and Pops, nothing can surprise us! After all, we live lives where chaos and uncertainty await around every corner.

The calamities of parenting know no bounds. Whether it be 2020, 1920, or 2120, child rearing is defined by ticking time bombs ready to go off at any moment. We eagerly anticipate the “joys” of what comes next.

To celebrate (or commiserate!) these glorious realities, we recently asked you all to submit video evidence of some of your more “memorable” Mom-hood and Dad-hood moments.

Here’s a quick compilation of some of those gems. So grab your puke bag, sit back and enjoy a few cringe-worthy seconds of pure parental “bliss.”

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