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Want nothing but the best for your little one? Little Unicorn offers Whether it's playtime outdoors, where the world is discovered in a completely new way, or the first attempts at crawling in the living room: Here, you'll find suitable baby items from textiles to accessories for every upcoming adventure. 

Every phase is exciting and should be accompanied by the right baby textiles and suitable baby accessories. Is your little wonder already making the first sounds? Is it putting everything in its mouth on its journey to explore the world? Regardless of the phase your baby is in, Little Unicorn offers baby items that not only feel soft on the skin but can also withstand being nibbled on and the rubbing on the floor, as well as other small mishaps.

Discover a curated selection of different baby textiles and accessories from muslin cloths to baby quilts for boys and girls. Also, enjoy designs that are gender-neutral and add great splashes of color. Your baby will feel extremely comfortable in the swaddles and sleep deeply and soundly. Even the first little mishaps during meals are no problem with the fantastic bibs from Little Unicorns. The baby textiles also remain flawless and look great even after several washes. Whether you are soon to be a parent, aunt, or grandma, with our baby accessories, time becomes something truly special. 

Do you particularly like a set from Little Unicorn? Then buy it in various variations: be it as a baby blanket, sleeping bag, or bib. This way, the baby textiles and baking accessories can be coordinated with each other. Whether it's a jungle theme, the land before our time, or uniform colors – you'll find what you're looking for here.